How To Arrange A Cake Decorating Party For Kids?

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Cake.png Cake decorating parties are the most interactive activities that most kids enjoy. It is one of the best ways to keep the little champs happy and entertained throughout the event. A party can be arranged at any time of the year. However, it is best to host such parties during the holidays. Kids love to have beautiful, tasty and colourful cakes as well as cupcakes. And making them all by themselves can transform the event into a more interesting one. Kids also get a superior chance to explore their creativity and show off their talent by participating in such interactive games. If you are planning to organise such parties now, then it is the best time to host a kid’s cake decorating bash. Because summer is the perfect time to host an outdoor event. To know how to organise a kid’s decorating party, follow the undermentioned ideas –

Invite your little guests beforehand


The first step is to make a list and send invitation to your little guests. This party is only for kids so avoid calling their parents with them. However, if required, you can prefer to call a guardian along with a kid. Don’t skip to mention the party information on the invitation card. Every detail including venue, date and time must be clearly mentioned.

Make the preparation

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Parties are all about decoration. So decorate the place according to the party theme. Use glitter papers, balloons, glossy ribbons, etc for sprucing up the ambiance of the event. Outdoor parties need plenty of seating arrangements. Hence, contact with decorators and rent some good amount of chairs and sofas for making your guests feel comfortable.

Collect the cake decorating items

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Don’t get confused between cake making and cake decorating. They are two very different things. Keep the decorating essentials ready and purchase the cake from any reputed cake store in Brisbane. Purchase simple sponge cakes that can be decorated in many ways. Collect cake decorating items such as icing, piping bags & nozzles, cake toppers, food colouring, edible glitter & sprinkles, candles, icing pens & food paint.

Get ready for the party

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After arranging all the essentials completely, it’s time to gear up for the fun. Ask the kids to decorate the cake according to their preferences. Distribute gifts to them as well for their effort.



So what are you waiting for? Start with the arrangements from now! clock.png


Eleven Carpet Cleaning Terms You Should Know

Eleven Carpet Cleaning Terms You Should Know

Every profession has its own insider terminology, and carpet cleaning is no exception. Let’s take a look at the eleven terms you might encounter as you talk with your carpet cleaning professional.

  1. Browning – The effect created when stains reappear because soil residue or old, dark-colored stains rise to the carpet surface.
  2. Builder – Compounds added to cleaning solutions to soften water and boost cleaning effectiveness.
  3. Clouding – The effect created when carpet is wet and residue from past cleaning solutions rises to the surface, creating a cloudy effect.
  4. Digester – An enzyme-based cleaner that breaks down or digests stains to make them easier to remove.
  5. Fiber – The primary material used in the carpet pile. Fiber type is important because it determines cleaning methods and solutions. About 90 percent of carpeting is made with synthetic fibres like nylon, while roughly 10% consists of natural fibres like wool, bamboo or silk.
  6. Grooming – Some residential carpet cleaning companies in Fort St John use this term to describe the process of applying a pretreatment and working it into the carpet fibers with a grooming tool. Others use it to refer to the final step where a grooming tool is used to distribute final protective treatments and remove cleaning marks, fluff the pile and produce a smooth, even appearance.
  7. Mat – Areas that have a crushed appearance because carpet fibres have been flattened and entangled by constant foot traffic or sustained heavy weights.
  8. Nap – The direction in which carpet fibers are woven into the backing creates nap, which causes light to reflect differently when carpet is viewed from different angles. Carpet is laid with the nap running the same direction for an even, consistent appearance, and professionals often clean carpet with the nap to preserve its overall appearance.
  9. Oxidizer – This class of cleaning product reacts with oxygen and is used to remove stains such as coffee, urine or those made by dark furniture. Oxidizers are effective on a variety of stains and most carpet fibers, but they can damage wool fibres and cause yellowing over time.
  10. POG – This acronym refers to carpet-safe spotting agents formulated to remove paint, oil and grease (POG).
  11. Reducer – This is a cleaning solution that eliminates or reduces oxygen levels in stains, making them easier to remove. Reducers are less likely to yellow, so they’re often used on wool carpet. They’re effective against a variety of coloured stains, particularly those produced by foods, drinks and artificial food colouring.

These are some of the common terms generally used in the profession of carpet cleaning.

A New Perspective Of Drones For Film Makers

Photography For Life

A year after the Federal Aviation Administration cleared the way for their use by the film and television industry, unmanned aircraft systems are becoming popular tools for directors and cinematographers.

Drones aren’t yet ubiquitous as less than 10 percent of all productions use them. But their demand is growing rapidly on film sets because they allow for more nimble filmmaking, thus, saving a significant amount of production money. A camera drone and crew costs very little compared to those heavy built cameras that are dragged on rails or a helicopter shoot.

HBO's The Leftoverss

TV commercial directors have been especially quick to adopt the new technology, using drones to film commercials for brands like Tesla, Chrysler and Nike. Even those who have not adopted yet are looking ahead to utilise this specialised unmanned vehicle in shooting films. Drones also have been used on several TV shows, including HBO’s The Leftovers and CBS’ Supergirl.

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Everything You Need To Know About Magnetic Particle Testing

Everything You Need To Know About Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) is a method used to detect surface and near-surface flaws in various ferromagnetic materials. It is primarily used for detection of cracks. The specimen is magnetised either locally or overall. If, anyhow there is a flaw, the magnetic field gets distorted, causing leakage in the local magnetic flux. This leakage is displayed by covering the surface with very fine iron particles applied either dry or suspended in a liquid. The particles accumulate at the regions of flux leakage, producing a build-up which can be seen visually even when the crack opening is very narrow. Thus, the crack can be identified as a line of iron powder particles.

The method can be applied on almost all metals which can be strongly magnetized, like ferritic steels and irons. It is a type of inspection process included in the non destructive testing.


The method of magnetisation is to produce a magnetic field with lines of force at a large angle to the expected direction of the cracks. The application of magnetisation can be used more than once in different directions based on the requirement.

The magnetisation is generally produced by any of these following methods:

• Applying a permanent or electro-magnet to the surface (magnetic flow)
• Passing a large current through the specimen by means of current prods (current flow)
• Putting the specimen inside an electrified coil, or forming a coil around the specimen
• Making the specimen a secondary loop of a transformer (suitable for ring-shaped specimens)
• Placing an electrified coil or loop close to the specimen’s surface
• Threading an electrified bar through a hollow specimen.

The application of electricity

The electric current used can be of any waveform from DC to AC. The amount of electricity required to produce adequate magnetisation is dependent on the supply, process and material of the specimen. It is important to ensure that the applied electricity is appropriate for the specimen size and shape and also that the direction of the magnetic flux produced is suitable for the cracks expected.

The process of applying iron particles

Usually the iron particles, dry powder or liquid (magnetic ink) is applied while the magnetising current is still flowing. Residual magnetisation is also used at times, when the particles are applied after magnetisation. Some steels retain sufficient magnetic property for this method to be satisfactory, and in this case smaller, more portable, magnetising equipment can be used.

If you want to have an inspection done through this process, consider to call a professional inspecting team in Melbourne.

Acupuncture Can Help You Quit Smoking

Live A Smoke-Free Life

We all know that acupuncture is capable of treating several health issues. But do you know that the treatment is also useful in stopping addiction to cigarettes?

Quitting smoking is no small task as some of the smokers report that they experience headaches whenever they stop using tobacco. Thus, you need the best tool to help you deal with the issue, and acupuncture is a great resource to help you succeed with your goal.

In a recent study called Alternative Smoking Cessation Aids, researchers gathered data from 14 different studies to see which alternative techniques help the most in quitting smoking. The result shows that acupuncture is the most effective among all. It stops jitters, lessens irritability, curbs cravings and restlessness, increases relaxation and also detoxifies the body.

Acupuncture Point To Stop Smoking

There is a point called Tim Mee. It is used specifically to stop smoking. It’s located at a finger’s width just above the wrist crease, on the inside of your arm. It is used solely to help people stop smoking and it does this by altering the way a cigarette tastes.

Well, this is not enough. Tim Mee is used in conjunction with other points to combat cravings and re-balance your body.

Simple Acupressure Techniques

Ear massage is often used to cope with craves of smoking. It releases endorphins and these chemicals are natural stress-killers. There are many ear massage techniques applied by an acupuncturist in Northern Beaches. To be even more effective, it is recommended that you call an expert acupuncturist to learn the specific massage points that are best for quitting smoking.

Chinese medicines can help with release cravings

There are many Chinese medicine formulas that can help you to get rid of cravings of smoking and irritability. They help the human body to detoxify and repair the tissues. Make an appointment with an acupuncturist in Northern Beaches and discuss your smoking habits and when do you get cravings the most.

If you are really finding it difficult to quit smoking, contact an acupuncturist ASAP and proceed with the treatment as prescribed. Mark the third Thursday in the month of November, which is an anti-smoking day. Make this day a deadline after which you will be quiiting smoking forever.

Yes, acupuncture plays a major role, but remember, you too have to be sincere about killing the habit.

Tips To Choose A Perfect Wedding Cake

Tips To Choose A Perfect Wedding Cake

Apart from taking care of certain important considerations, choosing the perfect cake for your wedding day is equally an important factor. This is because no wedding event is complete without the presence of a beautiful cake. Thus, there are some crucial things that must be followed in order to get a perfectly designed wedding cake along with a tasty flavour on your wedding day. To know more about them in detail, have a look at the undermentioned tips –

1. Decide a cake style according to your wedding theme – Nowadays, most of the wedding events are arranged according to a specific theme. For instance, if you have decided a black and while shaded theme, then make sure to order a cake accordingly. For this, you have to make an appointment with a cake designer who serves custom cakes. Decide the cake style that you need accordingly.

2. Have an estimated budget – Varieties of cake designs are offered by different cake makers in Brisbane. Each of them come in a specific price range too. Thus, if you have a fixed budget in mind, then it will be easier for you to choose a particular cake option. For instance, if budget is no bar for your event, then you can opt for the bigger cakes such as three/four/five tiers, but on the other hand, if you have a limited budget then it is suggested to opt for a one or two tier wedding cake.

3. Choose a flavour – Beside taking care of its beauty, it is equally important to take care of the cake’s taste as well. Thus, while visiting your preferred cake designer, never miss to taste different cake flavour samples offered by them. Consider your partner’s choice too. It is suggested not to experiment with flavours because wedding is a one time event that must be celebrated perfectly without any hassle.

4. Consider the climate – If you have planned for an outdoor wedding event in a warm climate, then it is strictly suggested to not use meringue, butter-cream or whipped cream as a frosting option. Ask your cake maker to use summer icings to cope with the hot climate outside.

5. Choose beautiful and creative cake toppers – Since you are opting for a custom designed wedding cake, you always have the flexibility to choose a style according to your taste and preference. Thus, ask your designer to use creative cake toppers to complement and rejuvenate the entire look of the final product.

So consider all the aforementioned tips and get the perfect wedding cake.

The Definitions And Terminology Of Freights

The Definitions And Terminology Of Freights

Like any industry, the world of freight has its own unique terms and it’s hard to perform without knowing them, and can lead to misconceptions.


  • Accessorial charges – Charges applied for performing services beyond normal pickup and delivery (inside delivery or storage charges).
  • Axle load – Every freight forwarder has a weight limit. The axle load refers to the weight limit permitted for each vehicle’s axle. This is generally applicable for road freight services.


  • Back Haul – The second half of a carrier’s round trip in which the cost is lesser than the first half. The second half can be referred to as the back haul rate.
  • Broker – A person who makes shipping arrangements on behalf of a person or company. The broker is well experienced in the industry and negotiates the best possible shipping rates on behalf of the client.
  • Bulk Freight – Freight that is not contained within boxes, packaging or containers of some kind is referred to as bulk freight.


  • Cartage – The movement of cargo locally, within the same city or area.
  • Consignee – The receiver who receives the shipment.
  • Consolidation – When two or more shipments are combined to save expense of shipping costs.


  • Embargo – Any event that prevents the freight from being accepted or handled. Embargo events include floods, tornadoes or congested highways.
  • Exceptions – When a problem such as shortage or damage is noted at the time of delivery, an exception is noted on the delivery sheet before it is signed to designate there was a problem with the shipment.


  • Gross Vehicle Weight – The total weight of the transport and cargo is referred to as the gross vehicle weight or GVW.


  • Highway Trust Fund – A fund into which highway users pay, the fund is paid to the government as a highway construction share.


  • Interchange of Interline – The transfer of a shipment from one carrier to another.
  • Intermodal Transportation – When freight is shipped using two or more modes of transportation.


  • Less-than-truckloads (LTL) – LTL shipments typically weigh between 68 and 9,072 kg. Carriers under this category use hub and spoke operations where small local terminals are spokes and larger central terminals are the hubs.


  • Not Otherwise Indicated (NOI) – A general class rate which is assigned to any freight that has no rate listed.


  • Through Rate – A through rate is applied to the distance between the point of origin and the delivery destination.


  • Warehousing – Warehousing refers to the storage of goods for a specific period of time.

These were some freight terms simplified for your ease of import and export shipments.

What is The Relation Between NDT And AICIP?

What is The Relation Between NDT & AICIP-

A set of techniques used in the inspection of a material’s integrity are called NDT (Non-Destructive Testing). These inspection techniques are performed by certified inspectors to avert accidents in working areas of factories. Now a question arises, who certifies these inspectors? Is there a number of certification boards or just one? Are the certifiers working under Australian Government? Let’s find out the answers to all these questions.

What is AICIP?

AICIP (Australian Institute for the Certification of Inspection Personnel) is a non-profit body. This certifying body is incorporated with the Department of Fair Trading under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984. It is an Australian Registered organisation with the Australian Securities Commission. Professionals certified by them are known as AICIP pressure vessel inspectors.

Why were they formed?

Due to Government policies of National Standard for Plant, owners of industries that deal with engineering plants need to ensure that competent persons are hired to inspect such in-service plants. Therefore, AICIP was formed by the organisations of industries, with the support of State Regulatory Authorities. The board was established to provide competency certification programmes for the inspectors.

When were the first AICIP examination held?

The first examination for AICIP was successfully completed on the 10th of July 1997. The examination was held to certify all of the inspection personnel including junior and senior in-service inspectors of Pressure Equipment.

Does AICIP holds training courses or approves private training organisations?

No, AICIP do not conduct any training courses, just to prevent conflict of interest between the inspectors and the training personnel. ACIP, therefore only stands for examining/certifying programs.

What types of plants and inspection personnel are covered by AICIP?

AICIP certifies design verifiers, welding inspectors and other in-service inspectors. The types of plant or equipment covered by AICIP includes pressure vessels, amusement devices, lifts, pipelines, mechanical testing, metallurgical investigation, radiography and ultrasonics.

What does AICIP certification mean to an owner?

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the inspection is performed by a competent
person. AICIP certification means, the owner is establishing safety and productivity in the working ground. AICIP certified inspectors also ensures durability of the mechanism.

Can an owner hire inspectors who have previously inspected the plant?

It is the prerogative of an owner to employ whoever he/she wishes. They must observe appropriate standards and regulations according to the State or Territory in Australia. AICIP offers the owners the opportunity to utilise a nationally recognised, independent certifier to assist them with expert responsibilities.

Thus, whenever you conduct NDT tests, make sure you hire AICIP certified inspectors.

How Do Freight Forwarders Help Personal Shippers & Businesses?

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Although there are quite a good number of businesses that do not use professional logistics management solutions, there is no denying of the fact that freight forwarders in UK provide a wide range of benefits to personal shippers & business owners. In Sheffield alone, a majority of people utilise or have used the services of international freight forwarding services. So how exactly do these service providers benefit their patrons? Here are some of the most important ones:


Most companies offering freight forwarding services cater a unique flexibility to meet rigid deadlines and handle unforeseen circumstances such as delays or rerouted shipments with ease. For them, dealing with problems of such nature is just like any other day at work.

Organisation & Management

Due to having a wide network of resourceful associations, freight forwarders are able to ensure fantastic organisation and management of shipments. They can promptly trace back a problem to its root and implement the necessary solutions. Third party companies may not always be so fast and can cause a lot of hassle.

Customs Clearance

There are a number of freight forwarding businesses that have in-house experts to cater effective customs clearance services. They possess comprehensive knowledge about tariffs, paperwork & regulations, and also help to deal with them ideally. As such, partnering up with international shipping agents can make any overseas delivery a breeze.

Door 2 Door

The most important portion of the journey of any cargo is after its delivery to the port. Without a freight forwarder, it can be really difficult to have the good delivered safety to its destination. But a competent logistics management agent can help in making the shipment successful.

Cost Savings

The superior client support, incentive and knowledgeable advice of freight forwarders can spell various financial perks. Initially, storing shipments at some extra warehouse can seem kind of unreasonable. But when long term benefits are considered, it can be very profitable to utilise an additional distribution centre and have more control over the cargo, because it would allow for quicker shipping and give an edge over rival businesses.

Peace of Mind

Last but not the least, people who use professional freight forwarding solutions would agree to the fact that partnering up with shipping experts may the entire supply chain management so much easier. There’s no need to worry about comparing rates, negotiating services or vetting carriers.

Thus, these are the ways that international freight forwarders benefit personal shippers and businesses.