Trying to conceive but tired of consuming high dose antibiotics? According to studies, though antibiotics and fertility pills can  help you to get pregnant, but it can have several side effects too. Thus according to the experts, it is suggested to opt for natural help before opting for artificial ones. There are numerous healthcare centers who provides affordable and natural fertility treatment in Northern BeachesAccording to them, following a disciplined and systematic lifestyle can really boost up the chances of getting pregnant.

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The Role Of Acupressure In A Human Body

The Role Of (1).jpgAcupressure helps the body with its subtle energy layers to let health and well-being flow in a positive rate. When you stub your toe, bump your knee, or whack your elbow against something, your first reaction is to touch the spot which hurts. This reaction is the essence of acupressure.

Acupressure is the practice of applying pressure, with fingertips at various points on the body to balance life energy. These acupressure points are called qi in traditional Chinese Medicine. Our body has various channels ofvisit a professional TCM specialist energy which are known as meridians. The acupressure points lie along these channels. The body is seen as a house wired for electricity, just in the place of cables, meridians carry the electricity. When meridians in the body are blocked or go out of balance, pain occurs.

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What is the difference between acupuncture and acupressure?

We have several acupoints in our body which can be stimulated with two different methods. These are acupuncture and acupressure. Both of which are used to stimulate acupoints. In the case of acupuncture hair-thin needle are used to stimulate acupoints, where as in the method of acupressure, firm pressure is used to massage the acupoints. When you choose either of the treatments, it is better to opt for a professional who provides both.

Acupuncture is a method right from the historical days

The service of acupuncture in Northern Beaches is not a new age contrivance. It’s been around for about 5,000 years and is based on ancient understandings. It is better to get acupressure treatments through a professional acupuncturist. This includes both physical and energetic entity. A blocked meridian is released with the help of acupressure around the body using gentle yet firm pressure on specific points. These points are called acupoints. Through the pressure the brain responses thereby relaxing endorphins, (type of chemicals that muffle pain signals and invite pleasurable feelings).

quantum physics

What quantum physics says

Quantum physics shows that solid matter (our body) is the outermost shell of a multilayered energy body. Beneath the physical surface is the levels of cells, molecules, atoms, and subatoms. It says that subtle levels are more powerful than surface levels. A human body has hundreds of acupoints. They play like electrical outlets. Each has an underlying meridian’s electrical charge that runs close to the surface and is easy to access with the help of pressure.

Understanding the qi points is useful for everyone as it can help as a quick relief process. However, in severe cases, it is recommended to visit a professional TCM specialist.

Acupuncture Can Help You Quit Smoking

Live A Smoke-Free Life

We all know that acupuncture is capable of treating several health issues. But do you know that the treatment is also useful in stopping addiction to cigarettes?

Quitting smoking is no small task as some of the smokers report that they experience headaches whenever they stop using tobacco. Thus, you need the best tool to help you deal with the issue, and acupuncture is a great resource to help you succeed with your goal.

In a recent study called Alternative Smoking Cessation Aids, researchers gathered data from 14 different studies to see which alternative techniques help the most in quitting smoking. The result shows that acupuncture is the most effective among all. It stops jitters, lessens irritability, curbs cravings and restlessness, increases relaxation and also detoxifies the body.

Acupuncture Point To Stop Smoking

There is a point called Tim Mee. It is used specifically to stop smoking. It’s located at a finger’s width just above the wrist crease, on the inside of your arm. It is used solely to help people stop smoking and it does this by altering the way a cigarette tastes.

Well, this is not enough. Tim Mee is used in conjunction with other points to combat cravings and re-balance your body.

Simple Acupressure Techniques

Ear massage is often used to cope with craves of smoking. It releases endorphins and these chemicals are natural stress-killers. There are many ear massage techniques applied by an acupuncturist in Northern Beaches. To be even more effective, it is recommended that you call an expert acupuncturist to learn the specific massage points that are best for quitting smoking.

Chinese medicines can help with release cravings

There are many Chinese medicine formulas that can help you to get rid of cravings of smoking and irritability. They help the human body to detoxify and repair the tissues. Make an appointment with an acupuncturist in Northern Beaches and discuss your smoking habits and when do you get cravings the most.

If you are really finding it difficult to quit smoking, contact an acupuncturist ASAP and proceed with the treatment as prescribed. Mark the third Thursday in the month of November, which is an anti-smoking day. Make this day a deadline after which you will be quiiting smoking forever.

Yes, acupuncture plays a major role, but remember, you too have to be sincere about killing the habit.

Importance Of Family Support During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Care & Family Suport

Getting pregnant is one of the best experiences for a couple. Not only do the would-be mom and dad feel overjoyed, but other people associated with them also get happy and excited about the news. Some people are lucky enough to have a supportive family for taking care of the expectant mother throughout her pregnancy. According to studies, a stress free and happy woman can give birth to a healthy child. The more happy the to-be-mum is, the wiser and healthier her baby will be. So, it is always important to keep in mind that no matter what, supporting the mother mentally and physically is something that has to be done by each family member.

Though there are several responsibilities of every to-be-dad towards her wife, it is not always possible for him to spend the entire day with her regularly. By doing so, he can lose his job, which may result in a financial crisis. So apart from the husband, it is equally important for other family members including in laws and close friends to take care of the mother.

According to the experts providing pregnancy care services in Northern Beaches, a pregnant woman should never visit the doctor all alone. It is the responsibility of her partner & family to give her company. Similarly if she wants to go out for shopping or some other reason, then there must a person who can travel with her.

An expectant mother has to go through a lot of things. She can feel stressed, depressed and even upset all of a sudden. This mainly happens due to several hormonal changes. A feeling of insecurity starts to spur within her. However, it can be dealt with a lot less difficulty if the family is supportive. It is important to make her understand that she is not at all alone, and that everyone is there for her. There is no reason for her to get upset or feel insecure. Let her know that everybody else in the family is as excited about the baby as she is. She must always be pampered with mental support.

Each family member of the house has specific responsibilities towards the expecting mom. For instance, the mother-in-law should try to prepare healthy foods for her, the sister or brother-in law must share some funny moments to spruce her mood up, the father-in-law should give her advices on what to do and what must be avoided. The more she engages with the family, the less time she will have for negative thoughts.

Celebrate This Christmas With Your Family

Celebrate This Christmas With Your Family.jpg

Christmas day is always fun to celebrate with family members. There are numerous activities which you can plan for yourself as well as your loved ones. According to many an experienced and qualified counsellor in Bondi junction, spending holidays with dear and near ones can minimise the chances of depression in one’s life. Thus, instead of celebrating the day all alone, engage yourself in some family Christmas activities with your kids, parents, spouse, grandparents, etc. Stated below are some top ideas to celebrate the X-Mas day with loved ones, have a look –

1. Bake cookies with kids

Bake cookies with kids.jpg

No Christmas celebration is complete without delicious and mouthwatering cookies. Invite your kids to bake the cookies and engage yourself in the activity too. You can prepare Santa Claus or pine tree shaped cookies if you like, to represent the theme of the celebration.

2. Make Christmas cards


Making beautiful and colourful Christmas cards with family members is one of the best & most memorable experiences that you can have. According to many, it is the best X-mas activity that you can partake in with your family. While you are making the cards, attach a family photograph on each to make it look more lively.

3. Watch a movie

Christmas movie.jpg

Going out for a movie with family members is yet another popular Christmas tradition. Many movies are made specially for the holidays and released during this season. However, if you or any of the members of your family is not comfortable with going out for watching a movie, then opt for a movie day right at home. Rent your favourite classic film and watch it with your parents, grandparents, kids or spouse.

4. Make custom Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments.jpg

Apart from the aforementioned ideas, making personalised Christmas tree ornaments together can create a great fun environment for all. Moreover, you can take creative ideas and suggestions for creating ornaments from other members.

5. Guide your child/children to write a letter to Santa

write a letter to Santa.jpg

Encourage your kids to write a letter to Santa Claus. Ask them to write about their wishes in it. The activity can additionally help your children learn how to focus and write down their desired goals on papers systematically.

The joy of celebrating Christmas with family can’t be explained in one word. It has to be experienced for understanding its significance. So, include all the aforementioned Christmas fun activities in your holiday celebrations and get ready to spend some lovely time with your family.

Tips To Prevent Teenage Depression


Studies have stated that 1 in every 5 teenagers suffers from depression during their adolescence period. Thus, as a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your teenage child and take appropriate steps in order to prevent him/her from becoming depressed and upset. Stated below are some of the top tips which you can consider to save your child from depression. Have a look at them –

1. Regular sleep – According to studies, it has been stated that teens who go to bed around 10.00 pm daily are 20-25% less likely to have suicidal thoughts or teenage depression. Thus, make sure that you child gets quality sleep of at least 8 hours in order to avoid mood swings and low spirits.

2. Positive life – There are many good things that happen in one’s everyday life. So make sure your son or daughter doesn’t miss to focus on those beautiful things. According to a recent study, it has been seen that people who appreciate the positive experiences of their everyday life can cope with negative emotions more easily.

3. Motivation – One of the best ways to deal with depression is by motivating your child as much as you can. Encourage his/her interests and offer positive or appreciative feedbacks. Don’t shout or scold your child if he/she is unable to do a job successfully. Always try to be a supportive guardian.

4. Counselling – Alike parents, a counsellor can also play an important role to prevent an adolescent child to experience depression. A professional and experienced counsellor in Bondi knows how to tackle and deal with this type of issue through proper guidance and natural sessions. So if you want to boost positivity in your child, then making an appointment with a counsellor is a must.

5. Communicate – As a parent, it is quite difficult to have an open line of communication with your adolescent child. But without proper communication, you won’t be able to know his/her mental condition and inner feelings. So always maintain a friendly relationship instead of becoming a possessive and aggressive guardian.

6. Help your child to cope with failure – It is not always possible to complete each and every task successfully. After all, failures are the pillars of success. Thus, if your child ever fails to achieve a targeted goal, then never blame him/her because this is one of the main reasons for conflict between parents and children. Instead help your child to cope with the failure and ask to focus on his or her future goals.

Thus in order to handle teenage depression efficiently, all the aforementioned tips should be considered. After all, as a responsible parent, it is your duty to help your child to live a happy and healthier life.

How To Beat Winter Depression?

Beat Winter Depression

There are many people who suffer from short-term to acute depression when the temperatures begin to drop outside. If you are one of those folks, then you might probably be dealing with seasonal affective disorder, commonly known as winter depression. This condition is quite a blanket of mystery for scientists, who cite the causes for it as fluctuation of brain chemicals, genetics and ions present in the air. Patients suffering from the disorder generally feel less active, cooped up and low-spirited while others play in the snow outside.

However, there are several weapons that can be wielded against winter depression, and they include the following:


According to a research conducted back in 2013, listening to happy, cheery or upbeat songs when feeling low can significantly help to chase away blues triggered by cloudy skies, heavy snowfalls, severe cold and other weather staples of winter. In general, music has been proven to alleviate stress, reduce pain and even trigger the production of dopamine, the feel-good hormone.


Another way to tackle winter depression is by doing rigorous workout. Walking fast for at least 35 minutes five times every week can be great. Exercising under artificial lights might help too. Studies have shown that it can enhance mental health, vitality and social functioning.


Certain food items can also aid in fighting away depression caused by winter. They include chocolate, candies and lots of carbohydrates. Chocolate is a very good antidepressant that can relieve anxiety and improve mood. Carbohydrates and candies are capable of providing short-term euphoric feelings.


Going on a vacation or holiday trip can also help to beat the winter blues. And the ideal holiday destination should be a beach that receives plenty of sunlight or some place with less snowfall. Thus planning a vacation can make a depressed person feel happier.


For those with severe or long-term seasonal affective disorder, counselling may be a great solution for getting rid of depressive symptoms. There are many good professional psychologists who provide counselling in Bondi to people suffering from acute or chronic depression. Using different forms of therapy, they would be able to guide the patient for fighting off gloominess & hopelessness and carrying on with his or her daily life once again.

If you are a victim of winter depression or know someone who suffers from the condition, use the above mentioned solutions to bring about a positive change.