An Easy Recipe Of Making Christmas Cupcakes

An Easy Recipe Of Making Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas is just around the corner and every blogger has started to share Christmas related posts on their blog sites. Apart from that, people around the world have also begin preparing for celebrating the holiday season in a grand way. Some are planning to go for a holiday trip either with family or friends, some are planning an event whereas some have received party invitations from their near & dear ones. On the other hand, some people love to spend the Christmas only with their family members. They cook food, decorate their houses, organise multiple interactive activities such as secret Santa tasks and so on. They just want to create beautiful memorable moments with their loved ones. And if you fall under this category, then you must be planning to make something new and unique to surprise your loved ones. One of the easiest ways of making your peeps happy is by cooking for them. And because it’s all about celebrating a Christmas event, so there must be a mouthwatering dessert present in the dinner menu. How about making delicious Christmas cupcakes? One of the reputed cake makers in Brisbane has shared a simple recipe for preparing yummy and lip smacking cupcakes for you. Check it out below –

Cooking Ingredients

1 – Dark chocolate : 20 gm
2 – Butter: 250 gm
3 – Plain flour (sifted): 1 cup
4 – White sugar: 1 cup
5 – Eggs: 4
6 – Vanilla essence: 1 teaspoon

Cooking Method

1 – Preheat the oven to 1800 C. Take a cupcake tray and grease it thoroughly.

2 – Take a double boiler, and on the top of it, mix chocolate and butter gently. Heat the mixture in low flame and make sure it has completely melted and smoothen. After the mixture has completely melted, remove it from the flame, keep aside and let it cool.

3 – Take a clean large bowl, sift the flour into it and add sugar. Beat the eggs one at a time slowly and gently. Stir in the vanilla and chocolate mixture. Fill the pre greased cupcake tray fully.

4 – Place the cupcake tray inside the pre heated oven for near about 20 to 25 minutes. After the mixture is completely baked, remove the tray from the oven and let it cool.

5 – Turn the cupcakes upside down and decorate with colourful gems, frosting, etc. according to your preferences.

Get ready to surprise your family members by presenting the delicious Christmas cupcakes at the dinner table.


Advantages & Disadvantages Of Office Christmas Party

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Office Christmas Party.jpg

The countdown for 7 Christmas 7 has already started and both commercial as well as residential spaces are getting spruced up to welcome the holiday season in full swing. Christmas is a fun and joyous occasion that is celebrated around the whole world. People wait for one long year for the festival to arrive. Apart from private parties, many companies also organise office Christmas parties for their staff. And this has become one of the traditions in Brisbane among many businesses. At the same time, however, everything has certain perks and limitations too. Some experts have enlisted a few basic advantages and disadvantages of arranging an office Christmas bash.


  • Improves networking – When the office organises a grand Christmas event, employees from every department get a chance to interact with one another. And this improves the networking among them. It is also beneficial for a company if employees interact among themselves and build a good relationship. Because this can improve the team work, thereby resulting in better productivity.
  • Revamp client relations – Inviting clients at the party also improves the overall reputation of the business. Because by inviting them, management shows their gratitude and appreciation towards their customers which can create a positive as well as long lasting impact on the business. However, office parties are never a place for business dealings, instead it is a place where the business personnel and the clients can have a discussion on casual and friendly topics.
  • Reward employees – Some companies arrange certain interactive events in the party. For instance, they take the opportunity to reward their employees on the special occasion. Rewards are given to individuals on basis of different categories such as “best employee of the year”, “best responsible employee”, “best behaviour” etc.


  • Expense – Though an entertaining event, an office Christmas party is expensive to arrange. And if the event is going to be a grand one, then the amount of expenses will be larger too. So it is always advisable to stay prepared for the big expense beforehand rather than investing on it instantly.
  • Alcohol embarrassment – Without any hesitation, it can be said that alcohol is one of the most integral parts of any party. However, some employees fail to control them and as a result the party ambiance gets transformed into a nightmare. Being too much intoxicated can even create a bad impact and cause many uncertain injuries. Thus, it is the responsibility of the office authorities to limit the amount of alcohol consumption after a certain period of time.

Whether beneficial or not, organising an office Christmas party is definitely mandatory. So what are you waiting for? Go and start preparing for it. Appoint the vendors, order Christmas cakes and cupcakes, start buying lights, snowflakes and son. And get ready to enjoy the party as much as you can with your employees.

How To Arrange A Cake Decorating Party For Kids?

Cake Decorating Party For Kids.jpg

Cake.png Cake decorating parties are the most interactive activities that most kids enjoy. It is one of the best ways to keep the little champs happy and entertained throughout the event. A party can be arranged at any time of the year. However, it is best to host such parties during the holidays. Kids love to have beautiful, tasty and colourful cakes as well as cupcakes. And making them all by themselves can transform the event into a more interesting one. Kids also get a superior chance to explore their creativity and show off their talent by participating in such interactive games. If you are planning to organise such parties now, then it is the best time to host a kid’s cake decorating bash. Because summer is the perfect time to host an outdoor event. To know how to organise a kid’s decorating party, follow the undermentioned ideas –

Invite your little guests beforehand


The first step is to make a list and send invitation to your little guests. This party is only for kids so avoid calling their parents with them. However, if required, you can prefer to call a guardian along with a kid. Don’t skip to mention the party information on the invitation card. Every detail including venue, date and time must be clearly mentioned.

Make the preparation

party essential.jpg

Parties are all about decoration. So decorate the place according to the party theme. Use glitter papers, balloons, glossy ribbons, etc for sprucing up the ambiance of the event. Outdoor parties need plenty of seating arrangements. Hence, contact with decorators and rent some good amount of chairs and sofas for making your guests feel comfortable.

Collect the cake decorating items

cake essential

Don’t get confused between cake making and cake decorating. They are two very different things. Keep the decorating essentials ready and purchase the cake from any reputed cake store in Brisbane. Purchase simple sponge cakes that can be decorated in many ways. Collect cake decorating items such as icing, piping bags & nozzles, cake toppers, food colouring, edible glitter & sprinkles, candles, icing pens & food paint.

Get ready for the party

ready for party.jpg

After arranging all the essentials completely, it’s time to gear up for the fun. Ask the kids to decorate the cake according to their preferences. Distribute gifts to them as well for their effort.



So what are you waiting for? Start with the arrangements from now! clock.png

Tips To Choose A Perfect Wedding Cake

Tips To Choose A Perfect Wedding Cake

Apart from taking care of certain important considerations, choosing the perfect cake for your wedding day is equally an important factor. This is because no wedding event is complete without the presence of a beautiful cake. Thus, there are some crucial things that must be followed in order to get a perfectly designed wedding cake along with a tasty flavour on your wedding day. To know more about them in detail, have a look at the undermentioned tips –

1. Decide a cake style according to your wedding theme – Nowadays, most of the wedding events are arranged according to a specific theme. For instance, if you have decided a black and while shaded theme, then make sure to order a cake accordingly. For this, you have to make an appointment with a cake designer who serves custom cakes. Decide the cake style that you need accordingly.

2. Have an estimated budget – Varieties of cake designs are offered by different cake makers in Brisbane. Each of them come in a specific price range too. Thus, if you have a fixed budget in mind, then it will be easier for you to choose a particular cake option. For instance, if budget is no bar for your event, then you can opt for the bigger cakes such as three/four/five tiers, but on the other hand, if you have a limited budget then it is suggested to opt for a one or two tier wedding cake.

3. Choose a flavour – Beside taking care of its beauty, it is equally important to take care of the cake’s taste as well. Thus, while visiting your preferred cake designer, never miss to taste different cake flavour samples offered by them. Consider your partner’s choice too. It is suggested not to experiment with flavours because wedding is a one time event that must be celebrated perfectly without any hassle.

4. Consider the climate – If you have planned for an outdoor wedding event in a warm climate, then it is strictly suggested to not use meringue, butter-cream or whipped cream as a frosting option. Ask your cake maker to use summer icings to cope with the hot climate outside.

5. Choose beautiful and creative cake toppers – Since you are opting for a custom designed wedding cake, you always have the flexibility to choose a style according to your taste and preference. Thus, ask your designer to use creative cake toppers to complement and rejuvenate the entire look of the final product.

So consider all the aforementioned tips and get the perfect wedding cake.

How To Organise A Back-To-School Party?

party preparations.jpg

A back-to-school party can be one of the most entertaining ways of getting children and their friends ready for the new session. This is generally celebrated in a different style compared to any other party. The first thing you need to consider for the preparation is think alike the real school schedules. Transform your selected venue in Brisbane into a school like space and divide the time into different periods. This kind of party may sound weird, but in real it is really an interactive event where your children can gain school going spirit. To get some more ideas about the event, check out the undermentioned tips –

1. Make a guest list and send invitations

invitation list.jpg

Collect the names of your children’s classmates and make a structural guest list. After preparing the list completely, invite them individually. Don’t forget to include every detail of the party, including the venue and date.

2. Arrange the class schedule

arts & crafts.jpg

Plan some activities for the kids and assign them to a particular room or part of the venue. Make sure to divide the time into periods of 20 to 30 minutes. For instance, you can organise an arts and crafts class where children can make different things. You can also ask them to make a particular thing such as a cardboard house, a floral painting, etc. Provide them with the essential materials such as colours, papers, pencils, stencils and so on. Organise a library for them and ask any of the elder members to dress up like a librarian in order to create the real ambiance. You can also schedule the periods for gym classes, singing or dancing classes.

3. Organise a school lunch

lunch time.jpg

Because it’s a back-to-school party, you must plan a school lunch for your little invited guests in advance. Ask them to have their lunch in the cafeteria. You can arrange the lunch at your dining hall or kitchen area. Arrange some tasty food items for them such as cupcakes, pizzas, chocolate chips, etc. Use plastic trays for serving the meals so that the children can get a school-like feel for real.

4. Give out the party favours


Alike school rules, make sure to send each student home with a gift box. The gift may include a colour box, fun notepads, coloured pens or erasers.

So what are you waiting for? Start preparing for the party and spend lots of cherishable moments with all your invited lil’ champs.

Where To Get A Delicious Birthday Cake For A Girl Turning 16?

16th Birthday Cakes Brisbane.jpg

Whether it’s about celebrating a kid’s birthday or a teenager’s birthday, having a birthday cake in every birthday celebration is definitely a must. Nowadays, most of the reputed cake makers in Brisbane have started to make innovative cakes for every age group. The cakes are also made keeping in mind the gender of a person. For instance, if it is about celebrating a girl’s birthday, then the cakes are made according to different girly factors. Cinderella, Barbie doll, Disneyland, makeup set, etc. are some of the most popular 16th girl’s birthday cakes preferred by many people in Australia.

So if your daughter is turning 16 this year, and you want to surprise her with certain unique things, then instead of opting for the same old cake, visit a cake maker and order a colourful and delicious 16th girl’s birthday cake. However, to get the best kuchen, you need to find the best cake making professional in town too. There are numerous offline as online stores from where you can order and buy your favorite kuchen. But make sure to know the professional in advance before placing the final order. Just like arranging a successful birthday party, it it equally important to contact with the most reputed cake maker who can provide you with a yummy cake. Failing to do so can ruin the entire ambiance of the party.

Hence, to get in touch with a good cake maker, you must get multiple quotations from each of your preferred ones. At least get 3 quotes so that you can compare the price structure, product quality and service type offered by each of them individually. You can even get referrals from different sources. For instance you can ask your neighbors, friends and relatives about a reputed and professional cake maker from whom they have availed services previously. On the other hand, browsing over the Internet has also become one of the most popular media for research. You can collect information, make a comparative study and select different cake makers by viewing the local directories and visiting their business websites in detail.

Furthermore, having a direct conversation with your preferred cake maker is also suggested, because face to face conversation can give you plenty of ideas about the professional. Always keep in mind that a reputed cake maker will never show off their works, instead they will focus more on serving their customer with the best product.

After getting all the details of your preferred cake maker, just place the order for your customised 16th girl’s birthday cake and surprise your sweetheart with a beautiful kuchen on her special day.

How To Throw A Surprise Anniversary Party For Your Grandparents?

Happy Anniversary

People generally celebrate either their anniversary day or that of their parents by arranging a beautiful event. However, it is also important to celebrate the special day of your grandparents and let them know how important they are for your family. Usually old people never expect anything special from anyone. So if you arrange a surprise party for them on their wedding anniversary then nothing can be compared with the level of happiness that they will get. While arranging a party, specially a surprise party, you need to consider certain factors along with maintaining the secrecy of the event. Stated below are some of the essential considerations that must be made while arranging a successful wedding anniversary celebration for your grandparents –

1. Know your budget – Budget is the top most important factor that must be taken into account when arranging any kind of party. Choose whether you want to make it a big event or a simple one. Make a budget accordingly. However, if required, cut down some of the expenses. Don’t exceed the limit of your estimated budget as this can cause problems later on.

2. Decide the venue – Determine whether you want to arrange the party at your house or book a local banquet hall. However, if you are planning a big event, then it is suggested to book a banquet hall. Complete the booking procedure at least a month in advance in order to avoid last minute rushes. On the other hand, if you are opting for a family gathering, then simply arrange it at your house. But if your grandparents are living with you, then make sure to maintain the secrecy of the surprise party.

3. Invite the guests – Depending upon the type of your event, make the guest list accordingly. If you want it to be a simple one, then just invite the family members. But if it is about a bigger arrangement, then invite your as well as your parent’s friends and colleagues. Complete the invitation process two to three weeks before the event. Don’t forget to include important details such as venue, time and date in the invitation card.

4. Arrange foods – Arranging mouthwatering food items for your guests is another important part. Contact with a local catering service provider and decide the items accordingly. Make sure to include vegan as well as non vegan food items in your menu. On the other hand, also include some refreshments for your guests. Don’t miss to order a cake for the party. Contact a reputed cake maker in Brisbane providing the best custom cakes in town. Order the cake at least a week before the celebration.

Get ready to surprise your grandparents and make them happy by arranging an interactive event on their wedding anniversary by following all the above mentioned considerations.

Pocket Friendly Tips To Surprise Your Mommy

Pocket Friendly Tips To Surprise Your Mommy.jpg

Surprises are always special and they generally help to make a person feel special. It is not always necessary to arrange surprise events, parties or gifts only on a particular occasion. It can be done on any day and at any point of time. The happiness of making your mother happy with surprises is something that can’t be compared with anything else. She has played the most important role in your life, she made countless sacrifices only to make you happy too, so it is your responsibility to appreciate her properly. Thus, give her a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life by creating some beautiful moments. Stated below are some pocket friendly surprise ideas that you can use to make your mommy the happiest person on earth –

1. Take a leave from work and spend quality time with her

Nowadays, it has become really difficult for most people to spend quality time with family members due to work pressure. People generally take leave from work for attending special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc. However, do something different this time. Don’t inform your mom that you have taken a leave only for her. Spend the entire day together.

2. Say thank you

Though the word “Thank you” is a tiny one, you must always appreciate your mom for all the sacrifices she has made only to make you successful in life. This can be done in several ways. For instance, you can send her a floral bouquet with an attached thank you letter. On the other hand, you can even contact with a cake maker in Brisbane offering custom cakes and order a delicious cake. Ask the cake maker to write “Thank You” along with a smiley on top of the cake. Choose the flavour according to your mom’s preferences.

3. Cook a meal for her

Cooking and presenting a meal in front of her is another great way of surprising her. However, decide the menu in advance. Also collect the ingredients without informing your mom. In order to maintain secrecy, make sure your mom is not present around the kitchen area. You can ask her to go out for shopping with her friends, or you can take help from your family members who can keep your mom engaged for a long period of time. After completing the cooking process, dress the food items professionally, decorate the dining table with flowers, candles and other essential decors. Then have your mom sit at the table and serve her the special treats!

Hence, get ready to surprise your mom by following all the aforementioned ideas.

How To Make Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake For Anniversary Celebration?

Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake For Anniversary Celebration.jpg

Is your wedding anniversary knocking at the door? Want to surprise your husband by preparing a special cake all by yourself? Then you must definitely try to make a chocolate heart shaped kuchen for your sweetheart. Chocolate and heart both are associated with romance. So to make it the most memorable wedding anniversary, nothing can be better than to treat your spouse with this easy yet delicious recipe that has been shared by one of the most reputed cake makers in Brisbane. Compliment the cake with some raspberries, which indicate true love and romance as well.


For the cake –

  • 3 eggs (large)
  • 2 table Spoon Milk
  • 180 gram Caster Sugar
  • 180 gram Soft Butter
  • 180 gram Self-raising Flour
  • 30 gram Cocoa Powder

For the Icing –

  • 2 table spoon of Raspberry Jam
  • 100 gram of Dark Chocolate
  • 30 gram of Unsalted Butter

For the Filling –

  • 150 gram of Raspberries
  • 200 ml of Double Cream


1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Take a 20 cm round or heart shaped sandwich tin & grease the entire part.

2. Take a large bowl and mix all the cake ingredients together inside it. Use a spoon or electric whisk to smoothen the mixture. Pour the concoction inside the greased tin.

3. Bake it in the preheated oven for at least 35 to 40 minutes. Check whether the mixture has shrunk from all sides of the tin or not. If yes, then take out the tin from the oven and let it cool.

4. For the filling – Take the cream and whisk gently until it gets stiff. On the other hand, take the raspberries and spread them on the bottom half of your prepared cake. Cut the cake from the middle horizontally and spread the prepared cream mixture over there. Place the top most cake layer over the cream and gently press down.

5. For the icing – Take a sauce pan, heat it and melt the jam until molten. Spread the liquid on the top of the cake gently.

6. Melt the butter and chocolate together in a bowl. Let it cool completely.

7. Spread the prepared chocolate on top of the cake. Avoid spreading it around the down side. Leave it for an hour and your yummy cake is ready to serve.

If you don’t have enough time for baking, it is best to opt for custom cakes rather than purchasing the ready made ones. This is because you can incorporate your love and feelings in it. You can even write down some love messages on the top of the kuchen for the love of your life.