How To Make Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake For Anniversary Celebration?

Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake For Anniversary Celebration.jpg

Is your wedding anniversary knocking at the door? Want to surprise your husband by preparing a special cake all by yourself? Then you must definitely try to make a chocolate heart shaped kuchen for your sweetheart. Chocolate and heart both are associated with romance. So to make it the most memorable wedding anniversary, nothing can be better than to treat your spouse with this easy yet delicious recipe that has been shared by one of the most reputed cake makers in Brisbane. Compliment the cake with some raspberries, which indicate true love and romance as well.


For the cake –

  • 3 eggs (large)
  • 2 table Spoon Milk
  • 180 gram Caster Sugar
  • 180 gram Soft Butter
  • 180 gram Self-raising Flour
  • 30 gram Cocoa Powder

For the Icing –

  • 2 table spoon of Raspberry Jam
  • 100 gram of Dark Chocolate
  • 30 gram of Unsalted Butter

For the Filling –

  • 150 gram of Raspberries
  • 200 ml of Double Cream


1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Take a 20 cm round or heart shaped sandwich tin & grease the entire part.

2. Take a large bowl and mix all the cake ingredients together inside it. Use a spoon or electric whisk to smoothen the mixture. Pour the concoction inside the greased tin.

3. Bake it in the preheated oven for at least 35 to 40 minutes. Check whether the mixture has shrunk from all sides of the tin or not. If yes, then take out the tin from the oven and let it cool.

4. For the filling – Take the cream and whisk gently until it gets stiff. On the other hand, take the raspberries and spread them on the bottom half of your prepared cake. Cut the cake from the middle horizontally and spread the prepared cream mixture over there. Place the top most cake layer over the cream and gently press down.

5. For the icing – Take a sauce pan, heat it and melt the jam until molten. Spread the liquid on the top of the cake gently.

6. Melt the butter and chocolate together in a bowl. Let it cool completely.

7. Spread the prepared chocolate on top of the cake. Avoid spreading it around the down side. Leave it for an hour and your yummy cake is ready to serve.

If you don’t have enough time for baking, it is best to opt for custom cakes rather than purchasing the ready made ones. This is because you can incorporate your love and feelings in it. You can even write down some love messages on the top of the kuchen for the love of your life.

How To Plan A Sweet 16th Birthday Party For Your Sister

Sweet 16th Birthday CakeSo your sister is turning 16 this year? Can’t wait to celebrate the day in a grand style? How about throwing a surprise party for her? Birthday, without any doubt, is always an extra special occasion to celebrate, particularly if the celebration is for a loved one of your life. Planning a surprise birthday bash is definitely an activity loaded with fun and entertainment. However, in order to arrange a successful birthday event, it is always important to take into account some basic requirements. They include fixing a budget, making a guest list, inviting them, choosing a venue and so on. Missing a single thing can ruin the entire celebration. According to many an expert, it is always suggested to make a systematic arrangement before starting the celebration procedures. Some of the most important things that must not be missed while planning a surprise birthday party for your sister have been discussed below –

1. Choose A Venue
If you want to arrange the party at home, then make sure your sister is not there during the preparation. Don’t give her a single hint about the celebration. Make sure to be very careful while prepping for the event at your home. On the other hand, if you want to arrange it in any local banquet hall or restaurant, then book the place at least a month in advance. This will help you avoid last minute rush.

2. Make A Guest List And Invite Them
After finalising the venue, comes the task of preparing a guest list. Make a list of all school mates and other friends of your sister. Recheck the list before sending out the final invitations. Make sure that all details such as the venue, time and date of celebration are included in the invites. Send the cards two weeks before the gathering.

3. Order A Cake
Because its about celebrating a birthday event, so ordering a beautiful as well as mouth watering cake is definitely a must. Thus, make an appointment with one of the reputed and well known cake makers in Brisbane, and order a custom 16th birthday cake for your sister. If you have planned a theme party, then ask the cake maker to prepare the cake according to your preferred theme. Also, order some flavoured cupcakes for your invited guests.

4. Decorate The Area
Floral arrangements, glittering papers, balloons, teddy bears, etc. are some of the most common decorating essentials that can be used to enhance the overall appearance of a place. You can also recall old memories by setting up your sister’s photographs from her infancy to the present day. This will make you both feel nostalgic and help to relive the old days as well.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the aforementioned tips and start preparing for the event.

Throwing A Pool Side Engagement Party

Pool Side Engagement Party

Arranging parties is one of the best ways of letting people know that you have been just engaged with the love of your life. There are numerous factors that must be followed and taken care of before planning a suitable event though. Instead of arranging an expensive gathering, how about organising a simple party in your exterior space? People generally opt for outdoor parties in summer. Thus if you are planning to arrange the party on a hot summer day, then just opt for an outdoor pool party, as it is one of the most common and budget friendly outdoor events preferred by Aussies.

If you have a pool side area in your house, then you can simply arrange a house pool party. On the other hand renting an area for the gathering can also be a feasible option to go for if you don’t have sufficient space available at your residence. Whatever area you choose, make sure the place is fully protected and safe. Though pool parties are fun, certain risks are also associated with them.

Stated below are the top tips that you can follow to arrange a wonderful pool party for celebrating your engagement. Have a quick look at them –

1. Budget

The party can either be a big one or a small gathering with close friends and relatives as invitees. As per the budget, you have to decide whether you want to arrange an expensive event or a simple one.

2. Guests

Since you are going to arrange an engagement party, you need to invite some of the crucial people in your life, including family members and friends. Family and friends will be always there to support you during your tough as well as happy times. So never miss out on inviting them on this special day.

3. Engagement cake

No celebration is complete without cutting a cake. Thus, in order to celebrate your engagement in front of so many people, make sure to order a unique cake. Order a cake that can highlight the overall appearance of the event as well as the place. For this you can contact any of the reputed cake makers in Brisbane providing quality custom cakes according to your preference.

4. Food

Including delicious food items in the party menu is definitely a must. Pool parties generally have a different type of food menu compared to other gatherings. Some of the common items are Beach Ball Ice Cream Sandwiches, Barbecued Chicken Pizzas, Pineapple Colada Shake, Tropical Guacamole, Sunny Orange Lemonade, etc.

So get ready to announce your engagement with a unique style by following all the above mentioned tips.

Popular Wedding Cake Trends

Popular Wedding Cake Trends

Since the wedding season is already knocking at the door, craze for wedding cakes and cupcakes is increasing dramatically day by day. Wedding cakes with modelled roses, woodland themes, lace embellishments and traditional adornments have achieved their popularity successfully in the market. But recently, there has been a slight change in the existing trends. Apart from the above stated kuchens, some more cakes have surfaced in the market, such as drip cakes, glossy cakes, geodes, etc.

1. Meringue Peak

This has a textured shape along with a soft spongy essence and crunchy meringue. You can add your desired flavor as well as icing to make the cake look more attractive and taste more delicious. If you are in need of a small cake of one or two tiers, but want to add a dramatic look instead of just a simple flat top, then choosing this kuchen is definitely a must. The top of the cake can be as much pointy or high as you can raise.

2. Drip

This cake is one of the most popular trends in the market right now. It has a beautiful appearance and is designed to have bright shades. According to many a cake makers in Brisbane, drip cake has also been widely accepted as a wedding and even an anniversary cake. If you have a themed wedding party, then having a drip wedding cake in the party is definitely mandatory. Other than wedding and anniversary events, drip cakes have also been popularly used in other occasions including Christmas party, Valentines Day, Halloween, Easter Day and so on.

3. Geode

If you don’t have any idea about this cake then simply search over Google or check Pinterest. You will find numerous images of the cake. Geode cake has become one of the most popular wedding cakes, and couples are more likely to include this kuchen rather than the traditional ones. If you want to add an extra glossy and dramatic look to your wedding party, then opting for this kuchen is a must.

4. Glossy Cake

As the name suggests, this cake has a glossy look which adds an extra sparkle to any kind of party, specially a wedding! It has a shiny look and its flavours can be altered according to your taste and preferences.

Thus, you can easily opt for any of the aforementioned trending cakes and surprise the guests of your wedding party.

Useful Tips To Arrange An Event For International Women’s Day

Women's Day Celebration (1).jpg

International Women’s Day, which is due for 8th of March, is barely a few weeks away. People all over the world are busy planning parties and events to celebrate the occasion. If you are thinking about doing the same thing, bear in mind that prior to proceeding with the arrangements, there are certain important factors that you must consider in order to have a hassle free party experience. Since the occasion is about celebrating “Women’s” day, it is suggested to invite only women in keeping with the theme of the day. You can call your female friends, relatives, mother and even grandmothers.

Stated below are some important factors that must be taken care of while arranging a Women’s Day party –

Guest list

As stated earlier, the first and foremost step of arranging an event is to prepare a list of your invited guests. Estimate the total number of people who might be attending your party, and proceed with the preparation accordingly.


Next comes the part of fixing a budget for the party. You don’t need to invest a lump sump for organising the event. Always give importance to what people love to do, rather than focusing too much on show-offs. You can simply arrange the party at your house. This will help you to have a well prepared and structured party within a sound budget.

Food and drinks

It is important to make proper arrangements for food and drinks as well. However, don’t stock the menu card with too many food items. Get some ideas online about what to include in the menu of an International Women’s Day party. Arrange some cocktails & snacks, and also get desserts such as cakes & cupcakes from any reputed cake maker in Brisbane.


Party activities are one of the important aspects of any gathering. The more you keep your guests entertained, the more they will enjoy the event. There are numerous party activities that can be incorporated in a party thrown on the occasion of Women’s Day. For instance, you can arrange for a small cooking competition and ask everyone to participate in it. Also, buy some gifts for the winners!

Other than arranging the event inside your house, you can also have an outdoor gathering. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you have a blast on this International Women’s Day with your dear and near ones.

Important Christmas Party Etiquettes

Important Christmas Party Etiquettes.jpg

So the preparations for all kinds of Christmas parties – corporate, family, office, outdoor – are almost done. And I am sure you guys are all excited to attend the fun gatherings that you have been invited to. But before you hit the party, there are certain etiquettes that you got to bear in mind for retaining your respect and preventing any embarrassing situation. Let’s take a quick look at those etiquettes:

Avoid Getting Drunk

Don't drink too much!.jpg

This thing ought to be at the top of every ‘party don’ts’ checklist. The consequences of getting drunk are usually dire – puking, babbling rubbish, losing control, getting involved in an accident – just to name a few. So it is better if you keep your alcohol intake in check while at a Christmas party.

Dress The Right Way

Dress The Right Way.jpg

Dressing up appropriately for any kind of event is vital, not just the occasion of Jesus’ birthday. If you are a female and planning to wear a low-cut attire, try not to overdo it. On the other hand, men should refrain from wearing vintage clothing and instead go for something sophisticated & simple.

Don’t Overeat

Don’t Overeat.jpg

Being at an X-mas party and eating like a starved person is something that you don’t want to happen to you. So remember your table manners and try not to dive into the delicacies. If it’s a buffet, be patient and wait your turn. Don’t pull your chair right next to it.

Refrain From Making Inappropriate Jokes

Refrain From Making Inappropriate Jokes.jpg

Keep your ugly jokes or comments to yourself, don’t say them out loud in front of people who might be from different backgrounds. Most of them may react very differently from what you may have thought.

Socialise For Real

Socialise For Real.jpg

Rather than chatting with your facebook or twitter friends, stay off the Internet for at least the time that you are at the Christmas party. Socialise with real people instead, especially if you are at a corporate or work party. Who knows, you might just end up striking a conversation with your boss and get to know him or her better.

So that’s all for this post folks, remember these things no matter what kind of X-mas party you attend. And oh, if you are looking for a good baker to place your order with for a lovely Christmas cake, then check out the site of Deborah Feltham. She is one of the well known cake makers in Brisbane when it comes to custom cakes. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.