How To Avoid The Blues During Pregnancy?

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How To Avoid The Blues During Pregnancy-

For a woman, the most beautiful phase of her life is getting pregnant. Pregnancy can bring a lot of joy, anxiety and also hope in a woman’s life. If you are expecting to be a proud mother soon, then keeping yourself happy during the entire phase of pregnancy is definitely mandatory. People around you will provide you with lots of good wishes, elders will shower their blessings and all of them would advise you to take special care at this particular stage. According to studies, happy and cheerful pregnant women usually tend to give birth to healthy babies. However, due to certain hormonal changes, many women fail to lead a happy pregnancy life. According to many an expert offering pregnancy care in Northern Beaches, there are some basic tips which, if followed, can help a to-be-mom to live a happy and cheerful life –

1. Live a healthy lifestyle

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How To Plan A Sweet 16th Birthday Party For Your Sister

Sweet 16th Birthday CakeSo your sister is turning 16 this year? Can’t wait to celebrate the day in a grand style? How about throwing a surprise party for her? Birthday, without any doubt, is always an extra special occasion to celebrate, particularly if the celebration is for a loved one of your life. Planning a surprise birthday bash is definitely an activity loaded with fun and entertainment. However, in order to arrange a successful birthday event, it is always important to take into account some basic requirements. They include fixing a budget, making a guest list, inviting them, choosing a venue and so on. Missing a single thing can ruin the entire celebration. According to many an expert, it is always suggested to make a systematic arrangement before starting the celebration procedures. Some of the most important things that must not be missed while planning a surprise birthday party for your sister have been discussed below –

1. Choose A Venue
If you want to arrange the party at home, then make sure your sister is not there during the preparation. Don’t give her a single hint about the celebration. Make sure to be very careful while prepping for the event at your home. On the other hand, if you want to arrange it in any local banquet hall or restaurant, then book the place at least a month in advance. This will help you avoid last minute rush.

2. Make A Guest List And Invite Them
After finalising the venue, comes the task of preparing a guest list. Make a list of all school mates and other friends of your sister. Recheck the list before sending out the final invitations. Make sure that all details such as the venue, time and date of celebration are included in the invites. Send the cards two weeks before the gathering.

3. Order A Cake
Because its about celebrating a birthday event, so ordering a beautiful as well as mouth watering cake is definitely a must. Thus, make an appointment with one of the reputed and well known cake makers in Brisbane, and order a custom 16th birthday cake for your sister. If you have planned a theme party, then ask the cake maker to prepare the cake according to your preferred theme. Also, order some flavoured cupcakes for your invited guests.

4. Decorate The Area
Floral arrangements, glittering papers, balloons, teddy bears, etc. are some of the most common decorating essentials that can be used to enhance the overall appearance of a place. You can also recall old memories by setting up your sister’s photographs from her infancy to the present day. This will make you both feel nostalgic and help to relive the old days as well.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the aforementioned tips and start preparing for the event.