Carpet Mould – Its Identification, Prevention And Removal

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Moulds are drawn to moist hidden on or under the carpets. The material used in the manufacturing of carpets is considered organic which simply adds to the moist factor that encourages mould growth.

Mould produce allergens, which are substances that cause allergic reactions and irritants. They are potentially toxic substances known as mycotoxins. Allergic responses include hay fever symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and skin rash. The time of appearance is not specific, they can come immediately or with delayed time. Moulds are also known to cause asthma in an allergic individual.

Risking your carpet

Carpet is an area that poses a high risk for mould growth in your home. Moulds simply need moisture, oxygen, a food source and a surface to increase their population. Their spores move naturally in the air. If these spores land on a wet or damp spot that contains dust to feed on…

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