Types Of Joints Involved In the Good Wood Furniture Plans

custom made furniture - good wood furniture

When you are planning to get a piece of bespoke furniture, there are a number of basic concepts that should be covered. One of these concepts involves how to use various types of wood joints for different furniture. This blog will explore through the different joints and where to use them.

Dresser or Drawers


These types of wooden furniture need to be fixed with a dovetail joint. Dovetail joints are the strongest and use interlocking fingers that join the side of the drawer to the front. There is no need to fix any screws, nails or dowels. Just a white glue will work. These fingers are cut at angles, which provides an additional strength. It is of great value to bring about tensile strength. A series of a pin is cut to extend from one end of the board that interlocks with a series of tails cut into the end of another. The pins and tails have a shape of a trapezoidal.



Whether it is a box type or a traditional frame bed, the joints in this furniture must be mortise and tenon joints. Professionals who run many a furniture store in Bondi Junction specialise in this field and can provide the best of bed frames. Each of the frames consist of two parts – the mortise that is a hole and the tenon or stub which gets fixed into the mortise. Here too, glue is used to strengthen the joints. The mortise hole and tenon stub usually come in square or rectangular shapes. This is one of the traditional joints in the history of wood works. Usually, the tenon is taller than it’s wide. The size of the mortise and tenon depends upon the thickness of the pieces.

Toys and Utility tools


Butt joint is required in these categories. It is an easy woodworking joint. It connects two pieces of wood by just butting them together. It relies upon glue alone to hold itself together. This kind of joint is usually very weak unless you use some form of reinforcement.

Wooden Frames

Wooden frames are built with a bridle joint. The corner bridle joint connects two pieces of wood at their ends, which form a corner. You can utilise this joint to house a rail in uprights forming legs. It provides a good strength in compression and is also good for racking. Usually, this type of joint is used when the frame is shaped. You can also remove the material from the joined pieces after assembly without even sacrificing the joint integrity.

Thus, these are the primary types of joints involved in the good wood furniture plan.


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