Popular Wedding Cake Trends

Popular Wedding Cake Trends

Since the wedding season is already knocking at the door, craze for wedding cakes and cupcakes is increasing dramatically day by day. Wedding cakes with modelled roses, woodland themes, lace embellishments and traditional adornments have achieved their popularity successfully in the market. But recently, there has been a slight change in the existing trends. Apart from the above stated kuchens, some more cakes have surfaced in the market, such as drip cakes, glossy cakes, geodes, etc.

1. Meringue Peak

This has a textured shape along with a soft spongy essence and crunchy meringue. You can add your desired flavor as well as icing to make the cake look more attractive and taste more delicious. If you are in need of a small cake of one or two tiers, but want to add a dramatic look instead of just a simple flat top, then choosing this kuchen is definitely a must. The top of the cake can be as much pointy or high as you can raise.

2. Drip

This cake is one of the most popular trends in the market right now. It has a beautiful appearance and is designed to have bright shades. According to many a cake makers in Brisbane, drip cake has also been widely accepted as a wedding and even an anniversary cake. If you have a themed wedding party, then having a drip wedding cake in the party is definitely mandatory. Other than wedding and anniversary events, drip cakes have also been popularly used in other occasions including Christmas party, Valentines Day, Halloween, Easter Day and so on.

3. Geode

If you don’t have any idea about this cake then simply search over Google or check Pinterest. You will find numerous images of the cake. Geode cake has become one of the most popular wedding cakes, and couples are more likely to include this kuchen rather than the traditional ones. If you want to add an extra glossy and dramatic look to your wedding party, then opting for this kuchen is a must.

4. Glossy Cake

As the name suggests, this cake has a glossy look which adds an extra sparkle to any kind of party, specially a wedding! It has a shiny look and its flavours can be altered according to your taste and preferences.

Thus, you can easily opt for any of the aforementioned trending cakes and surprise the guests of your wedding party.


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