Useful Tips To Arrange An Event For International Women’s Day

Women's Day Celebration (1).jpg

International Women’s Day, which is due for 8th of March, is barely a few weeks away. People all over the world are busy planning parties and events to celebrate the occasion. If you are thinking about doing the same thing, bear in mind that prior to proceeding with the arrangements, there are certain important factors that you must consider in order to have a hassle free party experience. Since the occasion is about celebrating “Women’s” day, it is suggested to invite only women in keeping with the theme of the day. You can call your female friends, relatives, mother and even grandmothers.

Stated below are some important factors that must be taken care of while arranging a Women’s Day party –

Guest list

As stated earlier, the first and foremost step of arranging an event is to prepare a list of your invited guests. Estimate the total number of people who might be attending your party, and proceed with the preparation accordingly.


Next comes the part of fixing a budget for the party. You don’t need to invest a lump sump for organising the event. Always give importance to what people love to do, rather than focusing too much on show-offs. You can simply arrange the party at your house. This will help you to have a well prepared and structured party within a sound budget.

Food and drinks

It is important to make proper arrangements for food and drinks as well. However, don’t stock the menu card with too many food items. Get some ideas online about what to include in the menu of an International Women’s Day party. Arrange some cocktails & snacks, and also get desserts such as cakes & cupcakes from any reputed cake maker in Brisbane.


Party activities are one of the important aspects of any gathering. The more you keep your guests entertained, the more they will enjoy the event. There are numerous party activities that can be incorporated in a party thrown on the occasion of Women’s Day. For instance, you can arrange for a small cooking competition and ask everyone to participate in it. Also, buy some gifts for the winners!

Other than arranging the event inside your house, you can also have an outdoor gathering. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you have a blast on this International Women’s Day with your dear and near ones.


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