Back Pain During Pregnancy & Its Treatment

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Pregnancy is undoubtedly a beautiful phase in any woman’s life. That happiness of waiting for 9 months to welcome a bundle of joy, the anxious anticipation for a new family member and all the wonderful moments in between – these things bring forth bouts of joyousness and cheerfulness for the expectant mother. But in the midst of it all, there are certain difficulties that a pregnant woman has to experience throughout the gestation period. And a prominent one among them is back pain.

What Triggers Pregnancy Back Pain?
Pain on the backside during pregnancy generally occurs due to stress on the spine, muscles and other bones. Without timely and proper treatment, it can become acute, especially when four months of the gestation period have passed. There are a number of factors that can contribute towards the back ache, and they include the ones mentioned below:

  • Production of hormones causing ligaments…

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