What’s Your Plan For Your 21st Birthday?


Maybe your siblings or best friend have already asked you this question like a hundred times now. After all, 21st birthday comes only once in a lifetime, and it is the age when you actually start feeling like a real adult. In order to commemorate this one-time milestone of your life, you ought to celebrate it in a fun, unique and indelible way. So, besides ordering a delicious birthday cake in Brisbane, have you decided yet how you are going to celebrate? If no, then here are a few ideas that you might find useful:

Throw A House Party

House parties are one of the best ways to celebrate birthdays in style and have all buddies under one roof. In order to throw one, you just need to make a few arrangements, such as music, food, drinks, fun activities, etc. Once you have planned them all, send out invites via social media or texts. If you wish to save some bucks, you can ask everyone to bring a bottle of beer for entry.

Go On A Shopping Spree

Do you have an unquenchable hankering for shopping? Then make it your ultimate birthday task. But rather than hitting the local shopping malls, why not go to some posh neighbouring city and check out their retail outlets? Let your best friend or sibling know in advance about your plans and set off on a birthday shopping spree.

Dine With Your Loved Ones

If you seek the warmth of quality time with loved ones on your 21st birthday, nothing can be better than fine dining. There are plenty of decent fine dining restaurants in Brisbane. Book a table at one in advance and have a wonderful time with family or friends over gourmet food & drinks.

Visit A Club

Last but not the least, go to the clubs and bars you have been wanting to with your pals all this time, if you want to dance your birthday night away along to some good EDM and RnB. But make sure that the person who would be driving doesn’t consume too much alcohol. And if it’s you, then be on the safe side and just enjoy the music & food.

So, now that you have a handful of ideas to pick from, go make your 21st birthday memorable. But make sure you enjoy safely, know your limits and do not get into any kind of trouble.


Tips To Get Radiant Skin Before Christmas Holidays

Tips To Get Radiant Skin Before Christmas Holidays.png

Buying trendy makeup accessories, wearing sunscreen, drinking lots of water throughout the day, getting 8-10 hours of sleep every night – these are some of the things that you probably do to make your skin look good. However, you will be surprised to know these are not enough to help achieve your goal, even if they are necessary. If you wish for your skin to attain a natural glow, then here are a few tips that you need to follow:

Exercise Regularly

Though you might fear workout sessions, it is imperative that you start incorporating them in your daily schedule right from tomorrow if you want to look good. This is because regular cardio improves blood circulation, sets the heart pumping and makes the skin flush naturally. In addition to that, the endorphins released during exercise can also reduce stress and bring about a feeling of relaxation.

Eat Cucumbers

Cucumbers are rich in caffeic acid and vitamin C, which effectively resist wrinkles and sun damage. Besides that, the vitamin C contained in cucumbers can also boost elastin and collagen in your skin, imparting the radiant glow that you long for.

Avoid Hot Showers

At the end of a stressful day at work, a long, hot shower can feel like heaven. But this uber-comfortable stress-buster can also wash away natural oils from your skin. To get glowing skin before the holidays, switch to cool or warm showers. Cold water has a wide range of benefits – it can provide relief from depression, improve your blood circulation, boost your immunity and make your hair look shinier.

Get Cosmetic Acupuncture

Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic acupuncture is a holistic and natural therapy that works by increasing lymph & blood circulation to face, and improving skin tone & elasticity. It is also capable of reducing acnes, boosting collagen, softening wrinkles, removing fine lines, filling sunken areas, enhancing facial colour and slowing aging. Therefore, booking a session of cosmetic acupuncture at any good clinic in Northern Beaches can be a prudent move for you.

Exfoliate Every Week

Exfoliating is important to get rid of the dead skin cells that prevent your skin from shining. As such, you must exfoliate at least once every week. Use an exfoliant with very fine grains and avoid rubbing it harshly.

Thus, use these tips and get naturally glowing and radiant skin before the holidays start to knock on your door.

White Christmas Recipe

When the entire world is busy scheduling their Christmas plans, I have picked up an awesome christmas-treeChristmas Daychristmas-tree special recipe from Deborah Feltham, who is one of the most well known cake and cupcake makers in Brisbane. The most amazing part of this recipe is that you don’t need to spend a lot of your time baking and cooking. Half an hour is more than enough to prepare this mouthwatering dessert.

White Christmas Recipie.jpg

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Different Types Of Custom Christmas Cakes Offered By Creative Cakes

Christmas Day is just a month away, and there is still a lot of things left to plan and prepare for celebrating this big day.  Creative Cakes by Deborah Feltham in Brisbane has started preparing delicious and eye catchy Christmas Cakes & cupcakes only for you all and shared some of the unique pieces among them as well. Check’em out below.

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Start planning your Christmas eve with Creative Cakes! Wishing you Happy Holidays in advance!

How Does Eating Right Affect You Positively?

Healthy Tips

How Does Eating Right Affect You Positively.jpg

Eating healthy foods and allowing your body access to good nutrition can not only keep you physically sound and beautiful, but also help you to stay happy. In fact, what you consume on a daily basis has a significant impact on nearly every part of your life. That is why, nutritionists always recommend eating foods that can fuel and nourish your body. Simply taking in empty calories would not contribute much towards your well-being.

Want to know how healthy foods are the key to lead a good lifestyle? Have a look at the points given below:

Proper Nutrition Induces Happiness

The food that you eat greatly affects your mental state, energy levels and mood. Studies have shown that consuming the right stuff can help regulate blood sugar levels and also maintain energy levels all throughout the day. There are even foods that are capable of influencing your attitude and mood…

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Significance Of Promotional Corporate Wear

Promotional Corporate Wear.jpg

Effective branding is utmost necessary for any business in order to establish a permanent and unique identity, which the target base can associate with personality, origin, preference and quality. However, it necessitates a certain amount of time as well as investment from the business owner. Yet there are certain options that can help to achieve branding quite easily. And one of them is promotional corporate wear.

The greatest benefit associated with promotional corporate wear is its ability to create a distinct culture among workers. Since the available options are many, it becomes easy for employees to find something chic as well as comfortable. Besides that, branded work apparel garners identification with mission and values of the company. Moreover, it also provides an efficient and economical advertising method, allowing an organisation to enjoy enhanced perceptions among clients and customers. This, in turn, gives a boost to sales and encourages customer loyalty.

Let’s have a look at some justifications explaining the significance of promotional corporate wear:

  • Branded workwear automatically creates a comfortable and professional dress code. After switching to it, most employees are bound to report of higher morale and satisfaction because they would see it as a casual, easy-to-wear wardrobe option.
  • Corporate apparel encourages accountability for upholding principles of a company among its employees, who feel more inclined to represent the organisation they work for.
  • Once a corporate wear is created and every worker starts wearing the same thing, the difference between subordinates and the management gets blurred. This leads to improved cooperation as well as communication.
  • People generally link branded stuff with high quality. As such, promotional corporate wear elevates the standard of products and services in the eyes of clients.
  • Consumers usually think that branded workwear is typical of well established and large firms. Therefore, they are more likely to make purchases from businesses having a unique corporate apparel.
  • Branded workwear gives a specific authority to workers, and customers start seeing them as experts as well as brand ambassadors. Thus, the clientele puts more confidence in the ability and competence of the employees to meet their requirements.

So it is clearly evident from these points that promotional corporate apparel helps companies to portray a solid image in front of the target audience and also employees. Not only does it serve as a reliable and cost effective branding technique, but also boosts communication among employees and client loyalty.