Different Types Of Girl’s Birthday Cake Ideas


Birthday is always a special celebration for everyone, although for girls, it is an extra special one. Most girls love planning a birthday party well in advance in order to enjoy a perfect birthday. From food to decorations, lights to candles, every single thing is arranged for carefully. On the other hand, the cake of this special event is selected meticulously for ensuring that is gorgeous, represents her in a unique way and also rejuvenates the essence of the bash.

According to the cake makers in Brisbane providing girl’s birthday cake, there are various types of innovative and beautiful cakes that one can choose from. Discussed below are some of the popular ones, have a look –

1. The flower cake – Flowers are something which every female loves to appreciate. Thus, having a beautiful flower cake in the event can be ideal for all those girls who love the beauty of nature. The cake may consist of appealing and colourful fondant flowers that would make the confection look refreshing and gorgeous.

2. The Barbie cake – Barbie has been always a favourite doll of many girls, and without any doubt, it will continue to do the same in future too. Thus, having a Barbie cake for the birthday event of a young lady is definitely a perfect choice. Numerous types of Barbie cakes such as Princess Barbie, stylish looking Barbie or Doctor Barbie are available in the market.

3. The make-up cake – From a very young age, every female becomes aware of her looks. She starts using makeup items such as eyeliner, lipstick, compact, nail polish etc in order to make herself look beautiful and attractive. So why not to try a make-up kit themed cake on the special day of a young lady? The make-up cake is basically designed and decorated with edible bottles of nail polish, eye shadow boxes, lipsticks and other products on a simple cake.

4. Princess Sofia cake – Without any doubt, all girls around the world want to feel like a princess, especially on their birthday. The princess Sofia cake has a round shape and is decorated with white beads. It also consists of a special royal-emblem designed on a side of the cake. On the top part, a princess figurine is present which is decorated with a royal fondant gown as well as a crown.

Thus, any of the above mentioned birthday cakes can definitely be used on a girl’s birthday in order to make her feel more special and loved.


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