Ideas For Musical Themed Kid’s Birthday Cake


Will someone very dear to you who loves music be celebrating their birthday soon, perhaps your own little son or daughter? Why not bake a musical themed cake for your little one to make him or her feel more special? There are plenty of ideas available for you to utilise, all you need to do is choose the right materials & equipment and know how to bake a cake. Otherwise, you can simply save all trouble, locate a good business offering kids birthday cakes in Brisbane and order a nice, musical themed single or double tiered confection. Whatever you choose, make sure you start your preparation at least a week in advance.

Given below are some ideas that you can use, have a look:

Groovy Guitar


This is perhaps the most popular musical themed birthday cake among kids. There are two really simply ways to create it – one is baking a medium-sized guitar-shaped cake & then embellishing it with marbled red and yellow fondant, or placing guitar-shaped topper on a cubical tier. In order to create strings for the guitar, licorice or frosting can be used.

Dance Floor


If you are arranging a kid’s party on the occasion of your child’s birthday, then this cake would be more than ideal. It features white and black squares fashioned out of fondant to make the confection look like a dance floor. There are also fondant figurines or toy dolls resembling dancing people. The confection is served with edible sugar sparkles so as to give the impression of light from a modern disco ball.

Musical Notes


This can be created using a cake of any shape. First, the entire thing is covered with a light coloured fondant or frosting like yellow or white. Next, musical notes coloured in black, red or blue fondant are placed all around the cake randomly. Finally, a large musical note in black fondant is piped on the top.

Classic Record Pile


The Classic Record Pile requires a round cake in order to represent the basic shape of vinyl records. A white circular fondant is placed in the centre to serve as the label. A small message is written on the white fondant and then, a fork is drawn over the cake for creating the typical grooves in a record. Finally, the confection is dusted using silvery sparkles for imparting a metallic sheen.

These are a few ideas that you can use for the musical themed birthday of your kid. You can search for more exciting ideas online or devise some of your own if you like.


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