How To Beat Winter Depression?

Beat Winter Depression

There are many people who suffer from short-term to acute depression when the temperatures begin to drop outside. If you are one of those folks, then you might probably be dealing with seasonal affective disorder, commonly known as winter depression. This condition is quite a blanket of mystery for scientists, who cite the causes for it as fluctuation of brain chemicals, genetics and ions present in the air. Patients suffering from the disorder generally feel less active, cooped up and low-spirited while others play in the snow outside.

However, there are several weapons that can be wielded against winter depression, and they include the following:


According to a research conducted back in 2013, listening to happy, cheery or upbeat songs when feeling low can significantly help to chase away blues triggered by cloudy skies, heavy snowfalls, severe cold and other weather staples of winter. In general, music has been proven to alleviate stress, reduce pain and even trigger the production of dopamine, the feel-good hormone.


Another way to tackle winter depression is by doing rigorous workout. Walking fast for at least 35 minutes five times every week can be great. Exercising under artificial lights might help too. Studies have shown that it can enhance mental health, vitality and social functioning.


Certain food items can also aid in fighting away depression caused by winter. They include chocolate, candies and lots of carbohydrates. Chocolate is a very good antidepressant that can relieve anxiety and improve mood. Carbohydrates and candies are capable of providing short-term euphoric feelings.


Going on a vacation or holiday trip can also help to beat the winter blues. And the ideal holiday destination should be a beach that receives plenty of sunlight or some place with less snowfall. Thus planning a vacation can make a depressed person feel happier.


For those with severe or long-term seasonal affective disorder, counselling may be a great solution for getting rid of depressive symptoms. There are many good professional psychologists who provide counselling in Bondi to people suffering from acute or chronic depression. Using different forms of therapy, they would be able to guide the patient for fighting off gloominess & hopelessness and carrying on with his or her daily life once again.

If you are a victim of winter depression or know someone who suffers from the condition, use the above mentioned solutions to bring about a positive change.


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